Monday, May 17, 2010

YPM MAM 5629 & 5636: Bats with snorkels on their noses

If they were human-sized, tube-nosed fruit bats would be the ultimate pie-eating contestants. These critters like to gorge themselves on juicy fruits, and they've got miniature snorkels for nostrils to help them breathe while their faces are immersed in the pulp. Not a bad set-up, eh? Assuming the pies were fruit pies, I bet they'd school these kids. The kid on the left probably is taking a breathing break, and kid on the right's nostrils are probably clogged:

Tube-nosed fruit bats are found in Australia and on New Guinea Island. They comprise the genera Nyctimene and Paranyctimene. Here is YPM MAM 5629, Paranyctimene raptor, collected from New Guinea Island in 1969:

Here is a bigger bat, also collected from New Guinea Island in 1969. This is YPM MAM 5636, Nyctimene aello. I especially like the racing stripe on this bat's back. You may also notice that both species shown here have spots on their wings, which aid in camouflage.

Here's one more picture I grabbed from the internet that shows the protruding snorkel nostrils of a tube-nosed fruit bat quite well:

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  1. I like his yellow-ear spots. very cool.